Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Stockings for the Girls

Another Christmas project finished just in the nick of time...stockings for the girls!  I'm so glad I got these done.  They look beautiful and will last for years and years to come.  The girls were truly excited to see them.  I hadn't told them about them so it was kind of a surprise for them to wake up to yesterday morning.  Little L LOVED the personal touch on hers - penguin fabric (as do I, it's so cute!) and Little V thought the Christmas bunnies and deer, along with Santa's sleigh, on her stocking was "so cute, mommy!"  This all makes for a happy mommy!

I initially planned on using Thimble Blossoms Merry pattern (I bought the pattern last year), but I ended up using a combination of several stocking patterns that I found online and from a friend.  I couldn't decide which quilting block pattern to use so I ended up just cutting my fabric into different sized strips and sewing them together.  I like the finished look of it because you get to really appreciate each fabric.  Sometimes with those tiny cut squares you aren't able to see how cute the fabric patterns are.  I embroidered the girls names with a slip stitch on the cuff before attaching it.  The stocking and cuff have a thick batting in them, which makes the stocking super puffy.  My husband thought they would make nice warm socks! I hope the batting will help add to their longevity.

The girls are in bed now, and I too should go soon, so Santa can come and fill these beautiful stockings tonight while we are all nestled in bed on this lovely Christmas Eve!



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