Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Start of School and a Drawstring Backpack

It has been an emotional time lately, with the summer ending and school starting.  For the past few years the start of September has really brought nothing with it but happiness to my family.  After being a teacher for many years and dealing with the anxiety and stress that worsens each day as September approaches, I have felt incredibly free, lucky and happy to not have to deal with the worries that come with the start of a new school year.  I have enjoyed two wonderful years of that feeling, (since I decided to stay home with my girls full time) but this year, September brought with it a totally new feeling... the feeling of losing my sweet little daughter, Lily.  

Lily started Junior Kindergarten today.  I have such mixed feelings about this huge milestone in her/our life.  I feel extremely proud and excited for her to begin this new adventure, one which I know she will love.  But I also feel sad and lonely.  It's heartbreaking to think that our days will no longer be spent together.  She has been at my side for pretty much all her life.  She only spent 5 months at daycare when I went back to work after my maternity leave and before Violet was born.  Those felt like the darkest days of my life!  Since then, I have embraced every moment with her and have truly loved my time with her.  She is such a special little person who has filled my days with so much fun, love and happiness.  Sure, there have been moments when I would have been happy to have a break from her, but they were very short lived and so small on the grand scheme of things.

The upside of her starting school, and me still having time out of the classroom, is all the time ahead of me to spend alone with my younger daughter, Violet.  This will be very special time.  Time Violet never had with me.  Lily had me all to her self for two years whereas Violet has never known life without Lily.  It will be an adjustment for all of us, but with time it will be a really good thing.

As we dropped Lily off as school this morning, her teacher had left a rolled up note for each of the parents to take home and read later today.  Here's it is...

One of the amazing things about it, and our situation, is that I taught both Lily's teacher's children in kindergarten.  It's so crazy how things work out.  She wasn't even a teacher at our school then.  I taught her son in JK and SK, 8 years ago, and then her daughter in SK, 3 years ago.  She is a wonderful person and we are so thankful that she is Lily's JK teacher.

So, I had to bring some distraction to my life and I thought a sewing project would be perfect.  I decided to sew Lily a little drawstring bag the other day.  I made it for her to keep in her cubby at school to hold her spare clothes in.  It turned out great and she just loved it!  I followed this easy tutorial here.  

To all the moms out there who have a little one starting school this week, I wish you luck and send you a cyber hug!




Doesn't that look like a happy little girl who is ready to start JK!?

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