Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Running and Eating...

Two things I very much like to do, and generally do well at.  I imagine that's a good thing, as one provides energy for the other, and at the same time, the other provides an outlet for all that energy! 

With all the wonderful fresh local fruit in season I just can't resist baking a new vessel to eat it in every chance I get.  I made a delicious peach raspberry pie this weekend.  The pastry turned out really well, but the filling had a little more liquid to it than I would have liked.  Nothing a turkey baster can't fix, I'm sure, except we don't have one as we are vegetarians!


I also made some buttermilk scones this weekend so we could have some strawberry shortcakes for dessert on Sunday.  The girls just love this treat!  Instead of forming one large circle and then cutting the dough into triangles, like I often do, I just grabbed clumps of dough and put it on the baking sheet for nice rustic scones.

It was our towns annual summer festival this weekend - Cactus Festival.  We had fun strolling along the street and then spending our life's savings on one ride at the midway.  Seriously.  It was ridiculously expensive!

I had a chance to burn off some of my summer baking at the Cactus Fest Race on Sunday morning.  It was the perfect weather for racing.  I did the 5k and placed first in my age group, which was great!  The best part of it was the prize - a tiny little cactus plant!  By far, the best race prize I've received to date.  Well, meeting Lisa Bentely (professional Canadian triathlete) while having her present an award to me (socks!) after winning first in my age category in a triathlon, was pretty cool, too!


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