Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Backyard

This is what our veggie garden looked like only a few weeks ago.

And now, it's a jungle!  

Seriously, it's getting out of control.  It could use a good dose of weeding but that's not even the problem.  The potato plants look like they are on steroids and stand a good 5 feet tall!  They have actually gotten so massive that they all hang over to the side now.  On top of that, we have approximately 12 tomatoes plants that have popped up throughout the entire garden.  We did not plant any of them.  This happens to us every year.  We often enjoy the surprise seedlings that pop up sporadically throughout the garden, but this year, it's overkill!  Considering we already planted 12 tomato plants, it's really too much.  The biggest problem is the space.  We just don't have enough.  The tomato plants end up choking everything else out.  I've ripped several plants out while my husbands not looking.  He likes to give them all a good chance to produce us some lovely fruit, but it rarely happens because the frost gets them before they are ripe enough.  We have 3 compost boxes in the backyard and in the fall and spring we top our garden up with the beautiful, rich compost they give us.  This is why we have so many tomato plants dispersed throughout our garden.  The compost is made from our food scraps, so it's full of tiny seeds waiting for a new life.

Thanks to the abundant veggies growing, we have enjoyed endless tossed salads and our favourite, Caesar salad

The purple beans are a favourite of the girls.  Mainly for their colour.  Little V still doesn't understand that they turn green when cooked.  When I serve them she loves to ask "Where purple beans go?"

Probably the most exciting thing in our garden for me this year are the raspberry plants.  I grew up on a farm with the biggest veggie gardens ever and a large part of those gardens were full of raspberry plants.  My dad approached the farm this spring (which has since been sold from the family in recent years) and asked them if he could dig up some of the raspberry plants.  I was so excited to plant them in out backyard and then thrilled to see them produce some fruit in the last few weeks!  The girls love them, too!  I have such wonderful memories as a child of picking fresh raspberries out the back door to put in my cereal in the morning or to just gobble up right out of my hand.  Mmmmm...  


It has been so hot and humid here the past week that we have barely ventured through the garden.  I was surprised last night when I ran out to get some beans for dinner to find this beautiful summer squash ready to be picked!  I love summer squash, it's one of my favourites.

Sometimes it's nice to just stop for a moment when playing outside or gardening, and look up to see what beauty is above you.  I couldn't resist a photo of these beautiful clouds with the suns rays beaming above them.

And then there is our new backyard pet... a little garter snake that keeps popping up.  We first saw him curled up here on top of one of our compost bins.  So cute!

I hope your backyard brings you as much peace, if not some lovely summer produce as well! :) 

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