Thursday, June 27, 2013

Meet The Triplets...

In a way, I wish I was introducing you to the triplet babies I just delivered, but that didn't happen, so now on to the real story (now that my husband likely just had a heart attack from reading this).  Could you imagine, though, three newborn babies would be handful!

Remember little Flapper, the backyard screech owl living in our neighbours owl box.  Well, it was a female, and she had babies - 3 of them!!!  How incredibly amazing is that!?  

Is this not the cutest picture ever?!  Look at those two little owlets sticking their heads out of that box!  I have to give all the credit to my neighbour for these photos.  I tried many times to photograph the owls and it wasn't easy.  He's pretty serious about photographing wildlife and has some amazing equipment.  He even set up a blind tent and hid out under the tree most evenings.  This shot below was taken in our backyard, in one of our huge pine trees.  It's the only shot with the three of them together.  They look so fluffy and huge!

Pretty sure this is the mommy - a red morph Eastern screech owl.

Dinner time!
 Mmmm, moths for dinner!
And the wise old father - gray morph.

And the rest, the fluffy babies.

These were his first steps outside the box.
We're pretty sure they have left the box now.  We can't believe how lucky we were to witness such an amazing thing right here in our backyard.  Such sweet little owls.  I hope they come back again next year to nest.  

Thanks again to my neighbour for sharing his photos!  Without him, you would have been left with images like this one!

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