Saturday, May 04, 2013

Decorative Fabric Kite

I don't know about you, but with spring, comes many, many jobs!  It seems like our To Do List keeps getting bigger, rather than smaller.  Most of the work that needs to be done is outdoor maintenance, but of course we add to the list, like building a picket fence this spring.  We had several determined bunnies in our yard last year that we must keep out of our veggie garden this year.  We also decided to start most of our veggies from seed this year, which meant veggie gardening started in March rather than May.  As my husband says, we have a little grow op in our basement!

But moving on... let's check one thing off my list... a blog post!

I made a cute little fabric kite to hang on the wall in the girls playroom.  I looks so sweet.

It was fairly easy to make and as you can see, I whipped it up without paying too much attention to detail.  This is something I rarely do, if ever!  But, I knew it would still look as lovely hanging on the wall in the play room whether or not the seams were sewn perfectly!  

To get started, I drew a template of a kite on freezer paper, cut it out and then cut four triangles of fabric to sew together.  After sewing the triangles together I sewed a quick hem along the edges.  I made some really basic little triangles and sewed them to the corners to create little pockets to tuck some wooden dowels underneath to create a frame for the kite.  Then I tied on some twine at the bottom for the string and I tied little scraps of fabric to it for an extra cute kite look.  Do those things have a name, or a purpose, other than looking cute?! 

Flying a kite is a great springtime activity.  Now we have to get outside and fly our real one!

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