Sunday, April 07, 2013

Hoop Art

I had a successful day yesterday with a table set up at my daughter's preschool's "Mom-to-Mom Sale."  I had one table to sell some of our used toys and baby stuff and another table for Pepper Picnic products.  I sold lots of snack and sandwich bags and had such lovely feedback from everyone about my products.  It was a fun morning.

Last week I was pretty busy sewing lots of stock to sell at the sale, but just before that whirlwind of sewing I found some time to make my long awaited hoop art!  Turns out I didn't need much time.  Hoop art can be super fast to do if you keep the embroidery to a minimum, like I did.

If you remember, a while back I went fabric shopping with a friend and bought some beautiful fabric in shades of blues and greens.  My house is full of blues and greens so I had to stick with the decor.

I love these shades of blue.  So soft and pretty.  I wanted to hang my hoops in my front entrance way and we recently wallpapered one of the walls there with a beautiful bluey green wallpaper.  It was hard to find a fabric that matched but the combination of these and the colours around the rest of the house tie in nicely together.  All I did was use three hoops (one small and two medium) to display three different fabrics in.  I embroidered on one hoop the words "Welcome home."  Very sweet and simple.  It made the entrance way so much more welcoming and homey.  I love it!


I'm new to embroidery and it shows in my work!  I have some practice to do.  I used a pencil to write the words and then I stitched over them.  I think it's called a running stitch.  I would like to try it again with a back stitch or split stitch.  Here's a great site with some basic embroidery stitches to try.

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