Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Violet!

My sweet little Violet turned two this week!  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her birth.  I've been saying to my husband for a few months now that I don't want the girls to get any older.  I wish they could stay this sweet, cute and perfect forever.  I so desperately want to freeze time.  They are just too perfect right now.  Life is truly wonderful.  But as Lily reminded me (she must have overheard me say this once or twice to dad) "Mom, I will still be this cute when I'm four!"  And it's true, she will.  They will always be sweet and perfect, at least in my eyes.

We celebrated Violet's birthday by doing what she loves most - going swimming!  We went to our favourite local pool for an afternoon swim with her two older cousins.  My daughters love their cousins and the feeling is reciprocated by them.  My brother has two girls, eight and ten.  The four girls have a blast together.  Afterwards, we came back to the house for a little family party.  It was a nice simple evening.

I tried something new this year for the birthday cake.  I decided to have my first go with fondant icing.  Probably not the best idea when I was super tight for time to decorate it but that's how I roll.  When I have my mind set on something it is very unlikely that you will convince me to do otherwise.  My poor husband.

I LOVE the look of fondant.  The smoothness and often the simpleness of it.  Fondant cakes just  look pretty.  I wasn't foolish enough to make my own with such limited time.  I bought a ridiculously large tub of it from Bulk Barn.  It was a little tricky to work with.  It's super stiff and requires a lot of rolling.  When I transferred it to the cake I started to get some cracking around the bottom.  It was pretty obvious in spots, but I really didn't care at this point.  I really wanted to put some purple violets on top but I couldn't find a small enough cookie cutter to make petals.  The only thing I could find was a flower shaped chocolate mold, so I went with that.  The flowers were huge, much larger than I wanted, but they looked pretty and that counts.  I added some food colouring to the fondant to get a little purple and yellow to make the flowers.  Then I pressed it into the molds and very carefully pulled it out (that was difficult to do without destroying the look of the flowers).  I stuck them on the cake with a little water, much like scoring with clay.  It looked very pretty, despite the cracks and massive violets!

Did it taste wonderful, you may ask?  NO!  I was a little disappointed, but not completely surprised.  Fondant is super sweet and has a weird texture.  Thanks to the buttercream underneath it, it was edible.  Almost everyone left a large chunk of fondant on their plate.  Even my girls, which says a lot.  They never leave a crumb behind when it comes to cake!  That night when my husband was putting Lily to bed she told him "I liked Violet's birthday cake but there was a problem with the icing."  That pretty much sums it up.

Oh, and the cake was a simple white cake.  Actually, "yellow butter cake," by Martha Stewart.  It was okay, but I'm still in search of the perfect white cake recipe.  Have one?

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