Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Pirates are Here!

Pirates have plundered Pepper Picnic!

Ahoy thar matey, I have some great news for you, you can now find pirate snack bags and sandwich bags in my Etsy Shop!

There are lots of options for you...

Here's a fun set with a black skull and bones snack bag and a blue pirate sandwich bag.
 The blue snack bag on it's own with cool pirates all over it, along with seagulls, treasure, cannons, octopi, maps and much more! 
Here's a set with the matching blue pirate snack and sandwich bag.

And lastly, a black snack bag with scary skulls and crossbones all over it!  At least in this case the Jolly Roger has some jaunty colours.  This is truly a new level for Pepper Picnic.  I'm not sure that I could categorize this bag in my usual genre of "cute" and "sweet."  Nonetheless, I hope it makes some little pirate wannabes happy.  It sure made my husband happy.

I think these snack bags would make the perfect party favor or loot bag for a pirate themed birthday party, which there seems to be no shortage of these days!  You could fill them with so many fun treasures - chocolate gold coins, beaded necklaces, a little map, pirate stickers or an eye patch!  I may have to coax one of my children (and withhold my husband) into having a pirate party soon!

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