Monday, March 18, 2013

My Online Business Made the Old Fashioned Paper!

Can you spot the only positive news item on the front page of  
      ↑ That's me!
It is truly unbelievable to see my name on the front page.  I wish my name wasn't surrounded by so many sad articles, but nonetheless, it was a real pleasure to have this little feature.
This never would have happened without the connections and communication that twitter provides.  A friend tweeted my name to a writer at the spec and within a couple weeks there's a guy in my house taking my photo for an article.  
I've already had many emails this morning from friends and family, and complete strangers, congratulating me on the article!  It's so neat! 

It's wonderful to have the exposure for my little business, especially locally.  An online business doesn't give you nearly the same presence as a store front in your local town.  I've always been amazed how few local orders I get, and yet, how many international orders I get!

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