Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bunny Bunting

The title of this post alone makes me happy.  I hope it does the same for you.  I LOVE bunnies, all kinds, especially real ones! They couldn't be any cuter.  So sweet, soft and adorable.

So what better time of year to immerse yourself in bunny crafts than during Easter!

The girls and I had a fun weekend doing Easter crafts.  I worked on my bunny bunting while they made a variety of crafts and cards.

As you know, I love fabric.  My love of pattern and colour isn't just for fabric, though, it's for paper too!  I picked up some soft pastel coloured scrapbooking paper to make my bunting.  I've put together a simple tutorial so you can make one too!

- patterned paper
bunny template
- pencil
- small white cotton balls
- glue (white or glue stick)
- ribbon

Once you've chosen your decorative paper, draw a simple bunny template and cut it out on thick card stock or bristol board.  Then trace your bunny template on the back of your selected papers and cut, cut, cut!

Using an exacto knife, or another sharp cutting tool, slice little slits in your bunnies ears.  Don't worry, it doesn't hurt them!  This is to feed the ribbon through to hang them.  Alternatively, you could use a hole punch.  I tried this out but it took too much of the pretty paper away which is why I resorted to the knife.

Now the cute part, glue on little white cotton balls for their tails!  I used basic white school glue.

When they have dried, thread a ribbon through the slits in their ears until all your bunnies are hanging from the ribbon.  I used a pretty pink lace ribbon.  I thought it would provide more friction so the bunnies wouldn't slide all over.  It worked well.

Hang, and admire!

Happy Spring Equinox!!!

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