Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mickey Mouse Disco!

We had one wild night last night!  We all left the house AFTER dinner, in the DARK, and went to a DANCE PARTY!  Talk about crazy stuff! Considering my kids are always in bed by 7 pm (and me in my pyjamas!) this was a very unusual night!

The preschool was hosting a fundraiser - a Mickey Mouse Disco.  The event of the year!  We couldn't pass it up.  The girls and I baked some cupcakes to sell to help raise money.  We stuck with a simple plan - chocolate cupcakes, white butter-cream icing, topped with round melting chocolate for little mouse ears.  The chocolate cake recipe is from Martha Stewart.  It's such a great, quick and easy recipe.  Give it a try.

It was a really fun night for everyone and a successful fundraiser!


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