Thursday, January 31, 2013

Handmade Valentines

What better way to say I love you then with a handmade valentine!

My Little L is bringing valentine cards to her little friends at preschool and instead of buying a box of valentine cards we like to try and make our own.  This year, we came up with a great and simple idea.  Little L painted a large piece of paper by filling it with brush strokes in red, pink and white.

While it was drying, I drew some heart shaped templates.  I folded some Bristol board in half and then drew a small sized heart.  I cut it out and then traced around it with a half inch boarder to make a larger sized heart.

When finished, I ended up with two hearts, looking like this.

Once the painted paper was dry, I cut it into strips.

I folded each strip in half.

Then I traced my small heart template on the strips and cut them out.

Then I got some pink and red construction paper, folded it in half and traced the large heart template and then cut them out.

And now, to put it all together, I just glued the small painted hearts onto the large red and pink hearts.  So easy!  So pretty!

To personalize them, I wrote Lily's name on them below a little heart.

And what better way for her to carry them to school in than in a cute little pink snack bag!

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