Thursday, January 31, 2013

Handmade Valentines

What better way to say I love you then with a handmade valentine!

My Little L is bringing valentine cards to her little friends at preschool and instead of buying a box of valentine cards we like to try and make our own.  This year, we came up with a great and simple idea.  Little L painted a large piece of paper by filling it with brush strokes in red, pink and white.

While it was drying, I drew some heart shaped templates.  I folded some Bristol board in half and then drew a small sized heart.  I cut it out and then traced around it with a half inch boarder to make a larger sized heart.

When finished, I ended up with two hearts, looking like this.

Once the painted paper was dry, I cut it into strips.

I folded each strip in half.

Then I traced my small heart template on the strips and cut them out.

Then I got some pink and red construction paper, folded it in half and traced the large heart template and then cut them out.

And now, to put it all together, I just glued the small painted hearts onto the large red and pink hearts.  So easy!  So pretty!

To personalize them, I wrote Lily's name on them below a little heart.

And what better way for her to carry them to school in than in a cute little pink snack bag!

Monday, January 21, 2013

New in the Shop

I'm looking forward to adding some new products to my Etsy shop this year.  I've ordered some new fabrics and got lots of great ideas.  Now I just have to find the time to sew!  

I did manage to sew some new snack and sandwich bags this weekend.  I used some coordinating fabric to create a pretty little set for lunch - a snack bag and a sandwich bag.  The fabric is designed by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics.  I LOVE her stuff.  This pinwheel fabric in light blue/aqua and pink is just so cute.

I also decorated some more wooden clothes pins with this beautiful aqua/seafoam scrapbook paper.  These clothes pins have been popular in the shop this month.  They are a great way to stay organized and look stylish at the same time!  I use them for a number of things - with magnets on the back on the fridge to hold photos, notes, etc., or glued to a a piece of wood trim to display my kids artwork.

Stay tuned for more new items being added to my shop in the next month or so.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mickey Mouse Disco!

We had one wild night last night!  We all left the house AFTER dinner, in the DARK, and went to a DANCE PARTY!  Talk about crazy stuff! Considering my kids are always in bed by 7 pm (and me in my pyjamas!) this was a very unusual night!

The preschool was hosting a fundraiser - a Mickey Mouse Disco.  The event of the year!  We couldn't pass it up.  The girls and I baked some cupcakes to sell to help raise money.  We stuck with a simple plan - chocolate cupcakes, white butter-cream icing, topped with round melting chocolate for little mouse ears.  The chocolate cake recipe is from Martha Stewart.  It's such a great, quick and easy recipe.  Give it a try.

It was a really fun night for everyone and a successful fundraiser!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Cookies

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a fabulous start to 2013!  I can't believe were in our second week of January and I haven't done a post yet!

This was meant to be a post over the holidays, but time slipped away....

I love Christmas baking - the process, the sharing, and of course, the eating! I always look forward to making my list of what to bake - cookies, squares, balls, bark...  So many options.  I have my go to recipes but I like to try new ones each year.  

I used my tried and true Canadian Living Sugar Cookie recipe with Meringue Powder Royal Icing.  This icing really allows you to decorate your cookies beautifully.  It hardens nicely so you can store them without worrying about smudging them.  My girls love sugar cookies.  I don't think it's the taste as much as the look that they love (and all the icing!).  What kid doesn't choose a beautifully decorated sugar cookie when they have a special treat at the bakery?


Just looking at these pictures of my Belgium cookies makes me want to make more!  They are so delicious!  I will have to post this recipe next time.  I finally found a great one, thanks to a friend of mine.  She is an amazing baker and makes these cookies perfectly!

I'm sure most people have seen enough of Christmas Baking now that it's January!  I'll save the rest of these recipes for December!