Saturday, December 22, 2012

Handmade Bird Ornaments

Every year, I like to make a new ornament for our Christmas tree.  If all goes well, I make lots of them and give them as gifts to friends and family.  

I went to my favourite local fabric shop, Needlework, and found so many wonderful red and green fabrics that I couldn't control myself!  I decided to buy a bunch of fat quarters so I would have a good variety to work with.  I LOVE fabric so much!  I have such a hard time narrowing down my choices to just a few.  Here's what I went home with.

And here's what I decided to make... a cute little bird.  It's very simple.  I just drew a basic template, cut out two pieces of fabric, wrong sides facing, and then sewed them together, adding a loop of twine for hanging.  Then I flipped it inside out, stuffed it with polyester fill and hand sewed the hole.  They make great gifts, either in small groups or individually.  I had hoped to sell some in my shop but I was already pretty busy sewing all my Christmas orders.  Maybe next year.


Did you make any new ornaments this year?  If so, please share!

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