Monday, October 15, 2012

Popping Corn

I love popcorn!  Who doesn't?  Other than my husband and father.  So strange.

Here is a great healthy, fresh and eco-friendly option for having your favourite snack.  Buy popping corn on the cob!  We get ours at Shearlea Acres Farm in Lynden, Ontario.  They grow it right there in their own fields.  Surprisingly, most corn kernels bought at the supermarket for making popcorn were picked two or three years ago!

It's so quick and easy to make.  All you need is a paper bag and a microwave, and obviously a cob of dry corn!  You can rub a little oil on the cob if you like, for added taste.  Close the bag up with a few folds and heat it for 2 minutes or so, depending on you microwave.  Pour a little melted butter on top with some salt for an extra delicious treat.  Now all you need is your favourite movie and blanket!

How neat is that?  My girls love watching the cob transform into a bowl of popcorn.  

Check out your local farmers market and see if you can find some.

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