Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yummy Ontario Peaches!

With all the wonderful ripe and juicy fruit and vegetables here in Southern Ontario, the canning options are endless!

I just couldn't resist canning some peaches this year.  Ontario peaches have been so good!  I only canned a bushel this past week.  It was all I could really find the time for.  Canning on your own, with a one and three year old is an ambitious venture.  Luckily it all worked out, and Little L was even put to work at the sink to help wash all the peaches.  When she said "I want to help," I cringed at first, and then realized there were some things she could do to help.  She was actually super at her job!

Hubby's timing was perfect - home from work just in time to see the final product and take a picture!
I also managed to make some strawberry, raspberry, blackberry freezer jam, which turned out to be very delicious, but unfortunately I forgot to photograph it!  It was put to the test the next morning on some fresh scones!

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