Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mini Tote Bag

Remember this tote bag I made for a friend?

Her three year old daughter loved carrying it around so much that I had to make a mini version for her too!  Luckily, there was just enough fabric left over.  I kept it a little more simple by only using one fabric on the outside, omitting the interior pockets and the interfacing.  Here's how it turned out.

It was the perfect size for toting around board books!  My one year old was all over this idea!

Of course, I now have to make one for both my little girls!

I actually photographed the entire process of making this tote bag, with the intentions of writing up my first sewing tutorial for this blog.  I hope to put it all together soon so I can share it with you.  Stay tuned!


  1. This is adorable! Please post a tutorial. I would love to make one.

  2. Miss A loves the bag. She carries Mr. Men and Little Miss books in it when we're out and about. Thanks again, Corry! :)

  3. You are so very welcome! Glad to hear she likes it!