Thursday, August 02, 2012

Are you ready for Back to School?

Pepper Picnic is!

The shop has had a bit of a revamp in preparation for Back to School season.  I've added lots of new beautiful fabrics to choose from and a few new products.  You can now purchase reusable sandwich bags to go along with the ever convenient reusable snack bags!  Even more exciting are the coordinating fabrics I have put together to make some beautiful sets of sandwich and snack bags.  Your lunch and your kids lunch will look so fashionable and adorable, all while being eco-friendly!

I couldn't resist sewing up some cute little pencil cases with some of the gorgeous new fabrics I have on hand.  I lined them with some coordinating fabrics and sewed in a nice little grosgrain finger tab for easy opening and closing.  These zippered pouches have already proven to be incredibly handy in my household!  They have a million uses!  I used one last week when we went camping to carry my essential purse and wallet items (cash, a few cards, lip balm and my mobile) and then I used one today while biking the girls in the Chariot to the park to carry my house keys and mobile.  My little ones carry them all over the house with their tiny toys, crayons and pretend money.  It's adorable when they want to be like mommy and daddy.

Stop by the shop and let me know what you think!  I still have a few more new fabrics waiting for me to sew more new products.  I hope to have these items listed in the next week or so.


  1. connected with your blog via Bloggy Moms and I'm lovin' all the cuteness on here! Your so creative and talented....I love your fabric choices! Totally adorable. The boats and elephants are my favorite :)


  2. Hi Devon! Thanks so much for stopping by! Looking forward to following you on your blog as well!