Monday, July 02, 2012

Appliquéd Pillow with Wedding Date

Friends on our ultimate Frisbee team are getting married next week.  The team pulled together with a handful of Euros for their honey moon to Europe but I wanted to make them a little something as a keepsake for their special day.  I sewed a pillow cover with this beautiful fabric - Wrenly, by Valori Wells for Free Spirit., and appliquéd their wedding date on the front with red felt.  It turned out really well.  I was trying to decide what to appliqué - their initials or the wedding date.  My husband's input was to go with the wedding date with the hopes that the groom would never forget their wedding anniversary!

I love sewing pillow covers!  If you have a love for fabric, like I do, it's one of the cheapest ways to incorporate all your favourite fabrics into your home!  Just sew them with a zipper and you can easily wash them.  This also makes it easier to use your pillow insert over and over again as you sew new covers to switch up the look and style of your home.  It's always nice to customize pillow covers with a little appliqué.  I find felt to be such an easy way to do this.  After using a product like Heat'n Bond, an iron on adhesive, to attach the numbers to the fabric, you just sew with a simple straight stitch to finish the look of the applique and to help keep it in place over time.


Congratulations James and Cassandra!!!


  1. Its absolutely beautiful Corry! Your creativity and passion are evident on this lovely hand-crafted gift. Thanks a ton! It fits perfectly with our decor and have had many compliments already

  2. You're very, very welcome, Cassandra! I'm so happy you guys love it! Best wishes today!