Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Craft Show a Success!

I had such a great day yesterday at the Westdale Children's School Mayfair.  The weather was superb for a day outside.  I was lucky to score such a great spot for my table, under a beautiful old tree which provided me with some much needed shade.  

I was excited to set up my table and display all my lovely products for everyone to view.  As an Etsy seller, you rarely get to see your products enjoyed by others.  Buyers are often kind enough to post great feedback on my Etsy shop page but it's still not quite the same as watching someone handle your products, while admiring them and telling you about it face-to-face.  In a world filled with social media technology, it's a nice change to meet your buyers and converse with them about your products - or anything, really!  I consider myself to be a socially outgoing person and I have always enjoyed meeting new people and learning all about them.  While I can still do this online (and in fact, sometimes I learn more than I need to know about someone!) I enjoy the old fashion way of meeting people - in person!

Here's what my table looked like...

There was a pretty good turn out of people.  I sold a lot of snack bags, a few colouring wallets and clothes pins and some bean bags.  I received such great feedback from everyone that stopped by my table.  Many people encouraged me to set up a table at some upcoming local events, where they thought I would do very well.  It's always great to learn more about local handmade fairs and markets and to be surrounded by people who truly appreciate your handmade business.

Thanks to everyone for their support and business and thanks to the Westdale Children's School for organizing such a great event!


  1. Sounds like a great day Corry - congratulations on your first show!

    1. Thanks, Anne! I hope to meet you in the big leagues one day at the One of a Kind Show!