Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Displaying Children's Artwork

A house is not a true family home until it has colourful pieces of kids artwork dispersed throughout it.  I value my daughter’s artwork and I want her to develop an appreciation for her creations as well. What better way to do that than by having her choose favourite pieces of work to hang on the wall with decorated clothes pegs.  I created a display board by using a pre-primed MDF door casing and a few handfuls of decorated clothes pegs from my Etsy shop. Here are some photos and details so you can create your own too! 

 Start with some lovely decorated clothes pegs like these.

Glue them with a hot glue gun to a painted piece of wood trim.  

My husband used the nail gun to  attach the wood to the wall.  You can place the nails where you intend to glue the clothes pegs to avoid any use of wood filler, sanding and paint touch ups.

I glued 13 in total, approximately 8 inches apart.

                  Start hanging those beautiful pieces of artwork for everyone to admire!   



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